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All Law Firms in Nigeria

Note: The Oyemaja list of law firms does not capture or represent the entirety of every law firm in Nigeria. This list is curated based on law firms that have an official website, a LinkedIn page, a profile on popular law digests or directories, or are well-known in Nigeria irrespective of the absence of any. Therefore, this list is periodically updated to notify the public of the emergence of new law firms or the defunct status of old law firms in Nigeria.

Note: Listed aw firms in Nigeria may have offices in more than one state, or outside Nigeria. The locations stated herein are the states or cities where the firms are headquartered.

We welcome input from the public on the inclusion of law firms not mentioned in this list by Oyemaja. Kindly send us a mail at

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  1. 1st Attorneys. Lagos, Nigeria


  1. Y.A Adeleke & Co. Lagos, Nigeria

  2. Yusuf Ali & Co, Ghalib Chambers. Ilorin, Nigeria.

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