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Oyemaja Laws and International Instruments

Oyemaja is your comprehensive resource for all laws and international instruments, carefully selected to provide you with important legal information and insights. Our platform is made to give you quick access to a plethora of legal knowledge, whether you're a legal expert, a business owner, a student, or just someone who wants to understand the legal system.

Guide to tracking laws on Oyemaja


Some subject matters may not have standalone legislations, and may have provisions in other statutes; in such situations, the general statutes will be listed under that section.


Some acts may have corresponding state laws in circumstances where state legislatures have the power to enact such laws pursuant to the subject matter being contained in the concurrent legislative list. In such instances, only the federal acts will be listed.

  • International Instruments are highlighted blue.

  • Regulations, Circulars and Practice Directions are highlighted green.

  • Amendment Acts are highlighted red. 

  • Bills are in italics. 

  • Agendas, Plans, Strategies and Programmes are starred **

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All resources contained in this collection are sourced from laws and international instruments already available in the public domain. These materials are regularly updated to reflect the most current laws and international instruments obtainable within the Nigerian jurisdiction.

Environmental Law

  1. National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) Act

  2. National Environmental (Sanitation and Wastes Control) Regulations 2009 Nigeria

  3. National Policy on the Environment (Revised 2016)

  4. National Environmental (Surface and Ground Water Quality Control) Regulations 2011 Nigeria

  5. Environmental Impact Assessment Act Nigeria

  6. **National Adaptation Strategy and Plan of Action on Climate Change for Nigeria (NASPA-CCN) Nigeria

  7. National Biosafety Management Agency Act, 2015 Nigeria

  8. National Climate Change Policy for Nigeria: 2021-2030.

  9. Climate Change Act Nigeria

  10. Federal Environmental Protection Agency Act Nigeria

  11. National Environmental Protection (Pollution Abatement in Industries and Facilities Generating Wastes) Regulations Nigeria

  12. National Environmental Protection (Management of Solid and Hazardous Wastes) Regulations Nigeria

  13. National Water Resources Policy Nigeria

  14. National Environmental Health Practice Regulations 2016 Nigeria

  15. Harmful Waste (Special Criminal Provisions) Act Nigeria

  16. National Agency for the Great Green Wall (Establishment) Act Nigeria

  17. National Environmental (access to genetic resources and benefit sharing) Regulations 2009. S.I. no. 30/2009 Nigeria

  18. Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency (Establishment) Act, 2010 Nigeria

  19. **National Strategy to Combat Wildlife and Forest Crime in Nigeria 2022-2026 Nigeria

  20. Quarantine Act Nigeria

  21. National Park Service Act Nigeria

  22. **National Drought Plan

  23. **National Disaster Response Plan.

  24. National Park Service Bill 2019 Nigeria

  25. Niger-Delta Development Commission (NDDC) Act Nigeria

  26. Niger-Delta Development Commission (Establishment Etc) (Amendment) Act Nigeria

  27. Water Resources Act Nigeria

  28. Water Resources (Amendment) Act Nigeria

  29. **National Covid-19 Pandemic Multi-Sectoral Response Plan, 2020

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