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5 affordable places to visit before the year runs out.

Oyemaja Executives, a division of The Oyemaja Group.

All year round, we have preached hard work, going with your guts, forging ahead irrespective of challenges. We have even placed you on different tables and shattered them. But guess what? As much as we are advocates of hard work, we believe in playing hard as well. Okay, that kinda still sounds like hard work. What we mean is “soft life”, taking breaks, refreshing, retreating and rebooting.

For the 9-5ers, it is easy to determine when to go on leaves, take breathers and relax. We can’t say the same for entrepreneurs who tend to work round the clock and have to bear the responsibility of keeping the business running. No matter what category you fall into, this is your cue to take that break and plan that vacation. We have curated five affordable destinations you can visit within Nigeria.

IITA Ibadan

The IITA environment is perfect for rest. The air is peaceful, serene and you’d get more than enough rest. The residential packages come with complimentary breakfasts. You’d get to take long breezy walks, explore the lake, golf course, swing, swimming pool, and participate in activities like riding a bicycle, playing basketball, birdwatching and forest strolls. The meals are decent and quite affordable. It’s easy to locate and if you’re travelling with the train, it’s close to the train station.

Obudu Mountain Resort

This destination is a perfect blend of serenity and adventure. Located at Cross River State, it is fast becoming an attraction in Africa at large. It has beautiful mountain and forest views with the different suits to give a rustic and calm view to life. If there’s something this destination will help to do, it’s to remind you to appreciate nature. Tour guides are available to help enjoy the various experiences.

Ikogosi Warm Spring

Situated in Ekiti, South Western Nigeria, it meets with another cold spring at a confluence, while they both maintain their thermal properties. It has a large swimming pool and you get to walk on the rocks in the water. It also has a residential area and is safe.

Whispering Palms Resort

One unique thing about this destination is the stunning ambience and the decency of the environment. It is located at Badagry, West of Lagos.

Whether you want to go alone, with your family or you want a romantic feel, this place is perfect. You get to go on ferry rides, speed boats, open boat charters or public boats, based on your choice. It is perfect for fun and adventure.

Olumo Rock

With a more refreshing outlook, Olumo Rock is another destination with a blend of fun and adventure. Having been a tourist attraction for several years, it is a perfect place to dig a little into Nigeria’s history. It has restaurants and lounges to relax and fun activities for kids to enjoy.

You don’t need to thank us, we just want to make sure you end this year on a good note. Don’t hesitate to gist us about how the vacations go. Till next time!


Oyemaja Executives.



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