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School sucks because your hustle sucks

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

If you are a student, or you once were, chances are you are very familiar with the term - "broke". Suddenly, your monthly stipend from your mummy can't cater for your ever-growing appetite. You now need "multiple streams of income" at age 17. That's alright Mr Entrepreneur. But you promised your old folks a first class. So what are you gonna do about that jurisprudence paper, or that physiology assignment while selling perfume oil or trading bitcoin?

Yes, we know that school na scam and Nigeria keeps giving us reasons to come to that conclusion. However, the bitter truth is that nothing is guaranteed. So, while you are making efforts to set up and expand those businesses, while you are trying to make sure the money keeps flowing in, you need to keep your head above the water with your academics too.

“Whether you love your books so much or not, you need to prepare for uncertainties and have something to fall back on. Honestly, there’s no fixed formula but let’s go through some things that have worked.”

Pick a side hustle that fits your lifestyle

The first thing you need to consider are your strengths and weaknesses. These would inform the type of side hustle you decide to take on. Yes, every side hustle comes with its own stress but you have the choice to choose the level of stress you want. While considering this, don’t forget to keep in mind the kind of courses you are taking in school. You need to ensure you can juggle both.

Time Management

Once you have figured out a suitable side hustle for yourself, you need to learn how to manage your time well. Time is very expensive and not knowing how to manage it can cost you a lot. In managing time, you need to be disciplined. Set out time to carry out particular tasks and stick to it. You can make use of apps that can help you with your time management. Google Calendar is a very good example.

Set goals

It can be overwhelming at times trying to figure out how to keep everything together with your side hustle and your academics. To ensure you are making progress, to need to set some realistic and achievable goals and see to it that you meet them. You can work with to-do lists to help you see to this. Your goals could be daily, weekly or monthly, as the case may be.

Take breaks

It’s very normal to keep dispensing energy without realising how your body is the one bearing the brunt. This is why you need to learn when to take breaks and rest. The same way you set out time to execute tasks is the same way you should schedule the time to retreat and take breaks. Rest helps to restore your energy and prepare you for another marathon of work. If you feel overwhelmed, rest!

Brace up for the bad days too

One pill that should not be so hard to swallow is the reality of bad days. Bad days will come, you’ll get confused, you can even shed a little bit of tears but the key is to brace up for those days and make sure to bounce back from them. Nothing is easy and the Nigerian Student reality makes this sync better but with your strong will, you can forge ahead of all this. So, go, get those goals. We, at the Oyemaja Foundation are rooting for you.

And that's on periodt!

Your babe,



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