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Being single may make you more successful than those dating

Here’s a reason not to rush into relationships into 2022. And if you are on the verge of breaking up with your partner, you MAY go ahead.

First, single pringles are more social than those in relationships. How’s your dating life going? Feels like hell, right? Choking? You cannot comment on that hot chick’s picture on Instagram because your girl’s gonna ask you why yo commenting on a hot chick’s picture. She’s gonna ask you if yo thirsty. You can’t hang out with another lady for more than 10 minutes. You gotta clear your chats. Your boys gotta have your back. As a girl, your birthday messages to other men have to be crisp cos your boyfriend is gonna get jealous. You can’t go to the club. You are in a relationship, sister! What you doing at the club? Need breathing space? Choking?

On a more serious note, when you are single, you have more time and freedom to socialize with friends and family.

So, contrary to the opinion that being single makes you completely lonely, you might just be a little better off. Being in a relationship means most of your time might be dedicated to one person – the love of your life. Single people make up for emotional loneliness with high social activity. The situation may be different for introverts, for example. Nevertheless, the opportunity to be unlimitedly free is the difference.

What's more?

You have more time to yourself when you are single. No more midnight calls. You get to sleep for 7-8 peaceful hours and wake up with a sharp mind. No more makeshift therapy sessions after the cashier disrespected your sweetie at the mall. No more sleepovers at his dirty place. No more doing her class assignments and explaining algebra to her little brother. No more long strolls and sneaking around. No more going to the market and cooking dinner for him.

Think about all those hours you lose servicing and maintaining the relationship like a car engine. All that time dedicated to keeping your better half happy. Think about channelling them to finishing that Oyemaja online law course on Udemy. You would be done by now.

Think about using that time to hit the gym. Why not get those hard abs that guy used to lure your baby girl? Lady, why not work that butt in the gym to a good shape; aren’t those the pictures your ex was commenting fire emojis on on Instagram? You have a hundred thousand Naira for your business. But you gotta stash away 20 to take your girl on a date. Now you have to go for inferior packaging and piss off your customers. You lose customers to the competition. You withdrew your Bitcoin to fund a getaway to Oniru beach. Now Bitcoin rose up and you are ranting that Elon Musk is a coward for manipulating the crypto market. Who really is the coward, sir?

Big question

Does this mean that those in relationships are doomed? No. CEOs of companies are married and they are richer than you. Some are even happier than you; and of course, they have a wide network of powerful individuals in the business world. As a matter of fact, dating has a lot of advantages. One of them is happiness. You are with the love of your life. It’s cute; you get to eat from the same plate. You have a deeper sense of purpose too when you are married and you have cute little babies. Who doesn’t love children? You learn a lot of things on the side. You learn to communicate, to be patient, to have empathy. All these are important and reflect positively even on your career.

Being single on the other hand… no matter how much you convince yourself otherwise, it kinda makes you lonely. Humans are made to connect with one another intimately; to love and to feel loved. It’s why high school romance movies sell so fast. It’s an incredible feeling and when you do not have that, it makes you sad. You see a couple all over themselves at the park and you know you are going back home to hug your old pillow.

In all cases, there are advantages and there are disadvantages. However, being single has really clear positive effects on your career which you can deeply tap into and harness for outstanding success.

Yours in love,

Oyemaja Executives.



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