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Brand Identity Design (Advanced) Course

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Encer, a division of The Oyemaja Group.

Brand Identity Design Course by Encer Design. Graphic Design
Altari Fashion Brand Identity Design by Encer

Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that's why it's so complicated.

In this brand design course, you are already a graphic designer; you are not looking to start from the scratch. You know the ropes. You have already taken graphic design courses in the past and creating fairly decent designs. You are a master of illustrator, Photoshop, or whatever graphic design software works best for you.

But something is missing in your brand designs. You cannot really tell what it is. You have a problem with ideation. You struggle with reaching your "this is it!". Your clients are not very impressed with your work; not because you're execution isn't right, but because they do not think you have properly created a brand design that represents their core values, goals and identity. You're a few modules away from creating impactful brand identity designs in this 2-month course.

Brand Identity Design Course by Encer Design. Graphic Design
SBC, Excellentia and Stretch Brand Identity Designs by Encer

What will you learn in this brand identity design course?

Week 1: Introduction to brand design

The success of this brand design course will demand that we understand what design means to you? Are you in for it just because it's the new toy around? Or because word on the streets is that graphic design agencies pocket thousands of dollars for a logo? This stage is all about you, discovering yourself and your true purpose and motivation. We would then take you through what design really is, what brand design is, what makes up both and their importance to society.

Week 2: Interpretation of Client Instruction; Research and Information Gathering

Your brand identity design is missing the spark because you understand design but you don't understand your clients. You do not understand the business; and that's may not be your fault. You are not a doctor; you hate the sight of blood too. Yet, you have to design for a hospital. You do not need to attend med school, but you can carry out enough research to understand the brand demands of that industry. This informs your choice of colors, typography and imagery in your design. With questionnaires that pose the right questions to your clients and participants in that sector, you'd achieve that spark.

Week 3: Ideation, Creation, Sketching.

You've done your home work. You've spoken to people. You have compared similar brands and read countless case studies. Now you have to magically extract a logo from all that jargon and sell it for a thousand dollars. You are dreading that "er...can you explain this design..." from your clients. If it's a big brand, you don't want the design community on Twitter to troll you. Your idea must be obvious, it must be powerful and it must, of course, be very pretty. We have a trick for this and we call it similitudes. We have used this to produce hundreds of outstanding brand identity designs. "Mr Encer, what the heck is similitudes?" We will be teaching you that, and more, in this module.

Week 4: Typography

Any layman can visit Google fonts or 1001 fonts, pick a nice looking font and slap it to the logo mark with a paragraph on how "its modern but subtle feel accentuates the values of the brand in the blah blah" you know the drill. There's more to typography in brand identity design than that. We don't see fonts as words. The hack to great typography is seeing fonts as things, not as alphabets. GOOD AFTERNOON means nothing to a Chinese man who doesn't understand English. But there are modifications you can make to the structures of those alphabets to pass across a message to a non-English speaker that you are trying to say good morning, or pass the feeling of it. It's called the Character/Personality of fonts, and we want to teach you this.

Week 5: Colour Theory and Application

Okay let's not spill the whole tea. But hey, we prepared the bullets of everything we'll be teaching in this brand identity design course in this pretty little handbook. Download here:

Encer Brand Identity Design Course Handbook
Download PDF • 764KB

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