Colors that can kill you.

By Encer Design and The Oyemaja Institute of Law, divisions of The Oyemaja Group.

So you wanna start your business and the first thing that crossed your mind is “I need me a logo…um…I gotta get me some fliers too.” Now your designer carelessly mixes colors on Photoshop, Illustrator or PowerPoint to give you a 'wow' design. He does not however realize that one of the colors he adopted to make your logo or flier is actually a forbidden color. It is forbidden because its trademarked it. A lot of people and businesses have landed in hot waters for using a trademarked color…millions of dollars of lawsuits.

So you might wanna print out these colors and paste them on your laptop like fancy sticky notes and remind yourself every morning to absolutely NOT USE THEM. Let's Go!

Barbie Pink

Yeah don’t try to use this one for anything. Mattel, Barbie’s parent company once sued MCA Records over it.

Cadbury Purple

Do you like chocolate? Well drink your cocoa all you want but stay away from using that color. Don’t say we did not warn you

UPS Brown

Looks pretty dark right? Yeah, just like danger. So keep off! This was trademarked in 1998. Can’t do nothing with it.

T-Mobile Magneta

These guys are pretty protective of their property; been suing anyone who uses this color. Sued Telia; Almost sued Engadget. Don’t be the next.

Wiffle Ball Bat Yellow

Wiffle Ball trademarked this very bright shade of Yellow in 2008. So, make your yellow either brighter or darker, but not this shade. Don’t be tempted.

Tiffany Blue

But then, why would yo see all the blues in the world and wanna go touch exactly this type. That’s just looking for trouble.

Owens-Corning Pink

Does not really look like your conventional pink right? Had to make an error here, unlike Barbie’s. GO for another pink, please.

Qualitex-Green Gold

Seen this around? If you have, advise whoever used it to take it down. Check out the case of Qualitex v Jacobson Products Co., Inc.

Your boys,

Encer and Oyemaja Law.


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