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Cultivating A Growth Mindset

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Founder and Group CEO, Moniepoint.

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Oyemaja; Cultivating A Growth Mindset

The human mind is a precious asset, and this adage holds true. Our minds shape our thoughts, beliefs, and reality, acting as our guiding compass throughout life. Cue Facebook - What’s on your mind? In my numerous experiences, I've come to realise a universal truth: everyone loves a winner. And a common thread among winners from various walks of life is their cultivation of a growth mindset - Kobe Byrant, Tiger Woods, Coco Gauff.

As I reflect on my personal journey, marked by the addition of another year to my life, I am profoundly grateful for the love and support from my family, friends, associates, colleagues, mentors, and fellow travellers. Looking back, I've been immensely enriched by the habit of questioning myself critically. How do we navigate through daunting challenges? What lessons have we missed along the way? Why did we fail, and can we find a more efficient path to success? But at the core of it all, I've maintained a growth mindset that continually prompts me to ask, "What else? What's next?"

So, how can one cultivate a growth mindset? I’ll attempt to break down what this mindset means and how you can apply it to your life.

1. Embrace Challenges

Life is all about those challenging moments - Sink or Swim. And so, when you're assigned tasks that appear challenging and outside your comfort zone, your initial instinct might be to avoid them. However, as someone committed to fostering a growth mindset, facing these challenges head-on is essential. Rather than shying away, view these challenges as opportunities for personal growth.

I firmly believe that there is no challenge that I cannot overcome. This belief has driven me forward. When confronted with a daunting challenge, I dedicate time to research it and even seek guidance from those more experienced. With each challenge embraced, I accumulate knowledge and experience, ultimately enhancing my capabilities. Even when I miss a few steps, I have learnt how not to do it. Talk about teachable moments. Remember this - challenges may seem draining in the moment, but when you stay the course with a growth mindset, there’s only one outcome - You Win.

2. Be Your Own Champion - BYOC

Celebrate your victories, no matter how small they might appear. Recognising your accomplishments and taking pride in them is crucial. I used to downplay my achievements, but I soon realised that self-celebration serves as a motivating capsule. Here’s another truth - people value you based on how you value yourself.

I began documenting all my wins and became my own biggest cheerleader. Now, I don't depend on external recognition and validation because I understand my worth, and my self-celebration has given me more fulfilment.

3. Keep Dreaming

While this may sound cliché, it's a timeless truth. Do you have dreams? Keep dreaming, for your dreams are valid. And it is possible. Dreams are the seeds of innovation and progress. No dream is too grand or insignificant; what truly matters is the action you take to bring those dreams to life.

Many people suffer from imposter syndrome, believing their dreams are too ambitious or that others are better suited to pursue them. For someone cultivating a growth mindset, understand that your dream exists for a reason. Dreams and aspirations can strike at unexpected moments. Even if you're not fully committed initially, document and nurture them. Today, Moniepoint Group has become a major fintech player across Africa on the back of the dreams that we had, and this explains our unshakable commitment to powering dreams for businesses and individuals.

4. Be People-Centric

Success is a collaborative effort. No one succeeds alone or in isolation. Think about it, can one single tree make a forest? Embrace collaboration and seek like-minded individuals who share your vision and values. I recognize and appreciate the importance of being people-oriented to achieve great feats. Surround yourself with individuals who align with your goals, as building a company requires diverse talents.

Being people-centric is essential in cultivating a growth mindset, but it's crucial to vet and ensure alignment with the mindset and goals of those you collaborate with. My relationship with Pawel Swiatek, our Chief Operating Officer, and, Felix Ike, my Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, is testament to this fact and I am very excited to be doing this with beautiful minds.

5. Stay Conscious and Determined

Lastly, cultivating a growth mindset is not an easy journey. Some days, it’s all hunky-dory, other days and for the most part, you will feel like giving up and lacking motivation. Understand that this is normal and can happen to anyone. What matters is your determination and the conscious effort you invest. Tough times don’t last but then they require extra effort. When it all feels overwhelming, take a break to recharge before hitting at it again.

Remember that cultivating a growth mindset is not a one-time event but a lifestyle.

Wrapping up, fostering a growth mindset is a transformative journey that lends itself to significant personal and professional development. As the CEO of a successful fintech company, I can attest to the power of embracing challenges, celebrating achievements, relentlessly pursuing dreams, nurturing meaningful relationships, and maintaining unwavering determination. These principles are not just tips but keys to unlocking your full potential and achieving greatness.

Originally published by Tosin Eniolorunda on Linkedin

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