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Maintaining Your Mentor (2)

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

It's pretty difficult getting that influential figure to give a rat's ass about you, right? But you've gotten lucky; he's responded to your painstakingly-drafted cold mail. That's some hope. Your next mail might determine whether the iron door that's finally come ajar will be shut for life.'ve maybe crossed those lines; you need to keep the energy up. You need to constantly ensure he does not forget your surname. What do you do?

While you make efforts to maintain your mentorship, there are always several silent expectations from both the mentor and the mentee and it goes a long way in determining the success of this relationship.

“Whatever you're gonna find in here, you've probably read them up somewhere on the internet. If you find them here again, it shows you're just the stubborn one who's chosen not to believe they work. Kidding, lol; but take these seriously. They work! If you are new, welcome buddy! Grab a pen, Oyemaja's got you.”

For the mentees, so that you don’t carry around the mentality of certain entitlements and feel disappointed, here are some things your mentor IS NOT

Your mentor is not your sponsor for God's sake.

Hol up! Don’t be expecting your mentor to ask for your account number to dash you money. No, it is not a right that comes with you being a mentor. If a mentor decides to dash you money, that’s fine. But you should not expect a mentor to be sending you money, if it’s money you are looking for, go and find a side hustle or look for sugar daddy. (Don't look for a sugar daddy please.)

Your mentor is not your love interest, honey.

If this is the table you are on, abeg, come down now before you fall down. So, you went to pick mentor because he’s a fine man, he smells nice and his beards are attractive. You now start to give him hints and passes that he’s not catching and you are now angry. Sorry o! If you know you like him or you like her, just shoot your shot. There’s no need to cut through corners in the name of mentorship.

Your mentor is not your tutor, Sir.

Excuse me, it’s mentorship, not a master class. Your mentor will not teach you how to do this and that. Your mentor is not your lecturer that will teach some difficult topics or help you revise for exams. Biko, calm down.

Your mentor is not your therapist.

Yes, a mentor should mentor and listen to you without judging you. But ehn, when you start telling your mentor about your childhood issues, or when somebody hurt you, or how you had no shoes when you went to school or you even start crying and mentor is looking for how to appease you, you are turning mentor to therapist small small. And you want to turn your mentor into a motivational speaker or prayer partner.

Repent, change.


Olajesu Lord'sfavour.

Wanna keep this around? We got it in PDF. Here you go:

Oyemaja Executive Class Article Maintaining your Mentor 2
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