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Is stubbornness always a vice in children?

The Oyemaja Foundation, a division of The Oyemaja Group (Originally Published in The GREY Collection by The Oyemaja Foundation)

A study published in the Development Psychology Journal by the American Psychology Association, observed 700 children from the age of 12 to 52 and it showed that children who frequently broke the rules and defied their parents went on to be high achievers and earn the most in their careers. They turned out richer and wealthier than their counterparts.

With such study, you would really have to think some more - ‘Is your child’s stubbornness really a vice or can it be worked on to produce something worthy?’ The stubbornness trait, like a lot of other things, produces results according to how it is perceived. While some consider it a bad habit which will invariably lead to a regrettable ending, others see it as being strong-willed and determined to achieve whatever you set out to do. But both scenarios are possible and you can decide which you want your child to be. Here are some reasons you might want to have a stubborn child? (No kidding!)

  • Good Competitor: Of course, this is within the sphere of healthy competition. Strong-willed children will less likely lose a competition because of their nature. This could see your child having better grades in class; and when they grow up, closing the best deals in companies.

  • Independent streak: While this might be a nightmare for parents, it just might be their greatest blessing too. Most kids in school who go on to do unlawful things attribute their actions to peer pressure. A strong-willed and stubborn child is less likely to follow the crowd and consequently less likely to get into trouble. This is on the condition that they are not the instigator of the trouble, of course.

  • Determination: As adults, we sometimes have to be talked to, and encouraged to stay determined. Strong-willed children on the other hand, consider their ability to stay determined as one of their strongest fortes. Sometimes, they will persist in doing things that are not necessarily logical just to prove a point. This character, when deployed to other areas of their lives will make them stand out from the crowd. They tend to be employers that will not stop until her work is done.

Having a stubborn child can indeed be tiring but teaching the child the right things to channel all that resilience and persistence on yields the best results.



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