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Listening to music can improve workplace productivity.

By Oyemaja Executives, a division of The Oyemaja Group.

The only part of 9-5 most workers look forward to is the “5”. Yep! Not everyone is excited about their jobs; they just do it for the paycheck. As an employer, how can you enhance employee performance and productivity while promoting healthier living? .

There are a lot of ways – goal setting, reminders, breaks, etc, but have you tried MUSIC?

Some people are better in the office than others. Some folks come to work with a ton of energy and others spend the morning in a sleepy haze. Some are extroverted while some are introverted. Some employees have a natural ability to pay attention to detail and others aren't so great at it. Some people are natural go-getters and others struggle to put work before play. Forbes, HBR, therapists all recommend various elixirs for crossing from the lethargic to sprightly. Music appears to be the underdog on the list. But underdogs win. Magnificently too. Here are a few different ways that music can affect productivity in the workplace:

  • Music improves employees' concentration: Music can help your employees become more productive because it helps focus their attention on the task at hand rather than the music itself. One of the intriguing features of "better living through music" was actually revealed by a recent study, which found that 88% of those surveyed who listened to music at work performed better and more accurately on their projects than those who did not.

  • Music enhances memory: It is a proven scientific truth that music activates the hippocampus region of the brain, which regulates memory and recall. Despite the fact that Asake’s music lyrics can be difficult, fans still learn them as soon as an album is out. The fact that music listeners are so adept at recalling their favorite lyrics is no coincidence and it remains striking.

My mum once told me “if you read your books as much as you sing, you’d be the best graduating student in your set.” Little did she know that I translated my notes to songs sometimes and I ace my exams because it enhances my memory. Sensational.

  • Music helps you stay motivated: You don’t always need a ceo-turned-motivational speaker to get work done. You don’t have to bury yourself in YouTube videos. Music inspires. If you're working on a project and you hope to get it done quickly, try some classical music or instrumental music with a fast tempo. Jazz or pop should do. This will help you stay focused so that you can complete your tasks quickly. Even when you're on an activity that is mind-numbingly boring, music reminds you why you're working hard on it. This helps you to finish on time.

  • Music reduces anxiety: Listening to music at the office reduces your employees, stress levels due to its calming effect. Music is soothing and Sia appreciates that in her song, “Music”.

  • Music can foster good relationships: If you've ever walked into a room full of people listening to music while they work, you’re probably at the heart of a healthy workplace. Such coworkers tend to relate easily with one another because they're reminded of happier times when they enjoyed the same kind of music. You are giving your employees a shared experience that they can utilize as a springboard for friendships, improved teamwork, and healthy living.

How can you incorporate music into your workplace?

Allow and encourage headphones and let your staff listen to songs or other content that inspire them. You may also permit music to be played out publicly (with reasonable regulations) at your workers request for it.

What kind of music should be played at the workplace?

Instrumental or lyrical music? While listening to music can boost productivity at work, Music with lyrics may hinder one’s ability to focus on the task at hand. A study done by The British Psychological Society in 2012 suggests that people get a burst of energy and presence of mind by listening to any genre of calm music without lyrics.

Wrap up…

See your workers like a set of batteries that needs recharging every now and then. Keep the energy high and maybe your employees may stop looking forward to 5.

Your friends,




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