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Logo Identity Design for ASO Filtration Technologies

Designed by Encer, a division of The Oyemaja Group

ASO Filtration Technologies is a water equipment/facilities installation & water treatment/management company located in Lagos State Nigeria. The logo identity created for ASO was crafted to give its customers, clients and the general public a direct and immediate guess and understanding of the services of the company

We thought hard about what best could represent water; and what other than water could best represent water itself?

The logo mark for ASO is a rain drop or a tear drop. The design was made with depth to give an appearance of solidity and tangibility. A fluid-like feel of motion was also integrated into the features of the mark, more conspicuously at the bottom part of the design.

The top part of the mark is shaped in a letter A to represent the first alphabet in the brand name - ASO Filtration technologies. There is a space between the top part and the bottom part. This is to signify the filtration/cleansing/management stage of the company.

Holistically, the bottom bowl-like, fluid-like part represents a starting point of the company's business activities i.e. meeting/encounter with clients and examining these clients' water bodies, water equipment, demands or other services to be done. The empty middle is the stage of filtration. The top, although shaped like a A can also represent an arrow facing upwards to depict the 'output' stage of the company.

Download the full logo presentation below:

ASO Logo Presentation
Download PDF • 1.18MB

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