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Logo Identity Design for Nova

Designed by Encer, a division of The Oyemaja Group

Nova is a sound technology company based in Australia. They focus on producing superior AI driven sound gadgets such as speakers, headphones, mixers etc. They also produce medical sound gadgets such as hearing aids, also driven by AI. Our client's instructions are as follows (something like this)

We are going to be the biggest sound technology company out there. We are well aware of the influence of our competitors in the market. But you see, we are not exactly competing. We are doing something new. Something never done before. They will have to develop new products to compete with us.

We have been tasked to come up with a logo that speaks boldness and newness. A design that properly announces that there is a new product, not just a new company, on the streets.

To bring life to company within our team, we created mockup screens to see how the logo comes to live before our eyes and our clients'. Without the need for a separate mark as we usually do, we created a distinct typography for nova. One that cannot be easily replicated without saying "oh, aren't those Nova's fonts?". The fonts are made to interact both as uppercase and lowercase forms, although only the alphabets in the brandbname were developed. This font style was comprehensively developed in colors, negatives, black etc, each to have its own separate use, such as for its medical division, for its unique AI software, for use on its newly developed drum sets, etc.

The colors for nova were selected to give the brand an icy feel, as though to say - our sounds cut deep into the skin and stand out in the noise. The standalone mark for the design is the v in nova. This is to fit into very small spaces in print, hardware and online use; for instance, on its small speakers, its profile pictures on its social media platforms, etc.

Download the full logo presentation below:

nova logo presentation
Download PDF • 2.05MB

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