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Logo Identity Design for Oraifite Hotpot

Designed by Encer, a division of The Oyemaja Group

We have developed the logo identity design for Oraifite Hotpot, a restaurant for both African and exotic dishes. The logo is a combination of a mark/symbol and type.

We were able to symbolise heat in the design by illustrating a half open pot. This is usually the effect of steam bubbling and lifting the lid of a pot when certain foods are being cooked.

The preferred color for the design is teetering between red and wine/maroon. This is to create a feeling of exoticness and also further support the concept of heat in the brand-name Oraifite Hotpot

Luxia typeface was selected for Oraifite Hotpot for its simple and minimalist appearance. The accents were developed separately and introduced into the design; this is to give an inkling as to the pronunciation for non-native speakers. The logo mark stands as the o in the Hotpot, made noticeable and yet blends perfectly into the typeface.

Distinct posters have also been developed for Oraifite Hotpot. The concept depicts food bursting forth from the pot and lifting the lid off in the process. This emphasizes the concept of steam embedded into the idea of the design.

Download the full logo presentation below:

oraifite logo presentationn
Download PDF • 2.42MB



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