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Logo Identity Design for Wayne Law Firm

Designed by Encer, a division of The Oyemaja Group.

Wayne LP is a law firm headquartered in Nigeria with several local and international branches and a global practice. To give the law firm a futuristic brand welcome across various nations where it has its offices located, a summary of the firm's business operations and activities was accessed - what it hopes to achieve from its client's meetings down to parting handshake.

"Honestly, a substantial aspect of this practice is experience and speed. Clients sometimes will take chances on you right?... but then they want to be sure you have done it before and that you did it really well...really fast. There's this smile on their faces when you tell them that. We don't know how that is possible, but we want them to see some experience even in our logo. Something that shows some ancient these guys are old in the game...cos we really are.

The WAYNE design is a combination of the star-shield mark and the modification of the Luxia Display typeface. Rendered in uppercase letters, the selection of this Serif font was made for its elegance, simplicity and readability. The type design, having a modern, professional and subtly luxurious feel, brings the firm to an elevated and global status.

The starshield mark is a 3 pointed star (3 points at the top), this is modelled to represent the three business mantras of the firm –

  • Learning About Your Legal Issues

  • Pair You Up with The Perfect Attorney

  • Fight For You In Court

Download the full logo presentation below:

Wayne Logo Presentation
Download PDF • 2.28MB



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