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Logo Identity for Exodus

(uncommisioned) By Encer, a division of Oyemaja.

A fictitious project by our lead designer, Exodus is a software that allow users have access to various spaces on the metaverse. Like an embassy that issues visas, residence permits, etc., exodus foresees a complex metaverse with virtual countries, nations, towns, or communities with territorial borders; exodus partners with these virtual territories as its agent for screening and issuing entry/travel permits, transact within it by using exodus' payment exchange platform for territories using different cryptocurrencies etc.

Exodus, coined from the word exit, has its slogan 'exit your reality, step into another'

The central focus of the logo is the x in Exodus. Designed with a tilt angle that almost closes/vanishes into a straight line, the concept of an exit is amplified. The x design is also made to portray flight; this it does by borrowing subtly from flying organisms such as dragonflies, butterflies, etc. This supports the advantages of its product such as the speed of customer services, its excellent software, etc.

The typeface for Exodus was specially designed to give it its own uniqueness, not easily replicated. Borrowing a few features from popular typefaces, intense modifications were made to give the design a futuristic and advanced technological outlook/feel.

Special icons and characters were developed for Exodus. These icons, some animated and majority static, represent the different services/features that the exodus feature offers. Download the logo presentation in PDF below to view the full concept

Exodus Presentation
Download PDF • 1.96MB



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