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Logo Identity for Usonwa

Designed (experimental) by Encer, a division of The Oyemaja Group

Usonwa is a baby brand, specialized in manufacturing baby products such as lotions, diapers, toys, food items etc. The logo mark created is an illustration of the wings of a butterfly. These wings depict a form of tenderness and delicateness, common in the care for babies.

Although a butterfly's wings, a secondary illustration of the petals of a flower is integrated into the design to restate the theme of tenderness.

The rapid fluttering of the wings of butterfly symbolizes life or the arrival of a new life, as the organism, once in the egg, larva and pupa stages of life/birth, is now a matured entity with wings. Various illustrations were created to show the movement of the wings around the company's products

Download the full logo presentation below:

usonwa logo presentation
Download PDF • 1.23MB



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