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Making Money Isn't As Easy As I Thought; 2021 In Restrospect

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Abodunrin Feranmi.

Director, Oyemaja Institute of Law

You have probably been asking yourself the question of the year; “What did I bring to the past 365?”

I’ve been pondering on this too and I got some answers. I’m not going to bore you about how 2020’s bug; COVID-19, went rogue and how everyone thought life was going to end. Maybe not everyone, but I did think I wasn’t going to see my friends anymore and we’ll be trapped forever.

"As I said, I’m not going to bore you. Though 2020 can be categorized in many ways, it most definitely should not be categorized as a wasted year. It afforded me time to do some personal reflections. I tried new things, became more self aware, worked out, read more, prayed more, worked hard and even played harder. It was like my building block for 2021. I started with hope for the new year, I was reallypumped and I took it one day at a time. Alexa, play me “Floating Through Space” by Sia”

Now you ask me; “Ferrari, what did you bring to the past 365?” Broooo, I no fit lie give you. It’s a lot. To break it down for you, I’ll walk you through three aspects. Everything about my 2021 revolves around these three. So, grab a popcorn.

School - Na mumu dey do 5 year course

It all started with the virtual learning experience. Imagine asking a penultimate student in between virtual classes to go pick Ewedu? Not to mention the erratic power supply and constant break in connection. Everyday heralded “mute your mic” chants. It was indeed a lot to handle. Then the struggle for accommodation. It was as if all agents in Ibadan had a meeting to make life difficult for students. Anyways, school work started and I wrote my first ever back to back exams. I almost lost it but with the help of God, friends and family, I survived. Tell you what? My mates are graduates already but my mumu dey do 5 year course. Wahala for the Legal gbimgbim.

Work - Making money isn't as easy as I thought

I launched my brand at the end of 2020 and I was really worried if I’d make sales, if I’d be consistent orrrr if people would love what I do. Little did I even know that these should be the littlest of my worries. Getting to deal with humans is hard. There’s this saying that when it comes to business, customers are always right. Scratch that. What would Ferrari say? “Choose your peace and treat people accordingly, cos durlinggggg, (in James Brown’s voice) you come first.”

I didn’t stop there. My Jack of all trades got a job and took side gigs just so I can keep pouring back in my business and have some extra cash. I should just let you know that you shouldn’t lose guard. Study your employer very well and be able to discern who just wants to use you and who will appreciate your value.

Relationships - It's hard to keep up, but please try.

I’m so grateful for the people in my corner. I value relationships so much and I try to keep tabs on everyone. However, there are instances where I felt that things were off with some people. What did I do? I made excuses for them. The world doesn’t revolve around me, after all and I must learn to give people space. There are also times when I was buried in work that I forgot almost everyone. Some gave me space and some reached out...which is quite understandable. I’ve also met amazing people this year that you’d even think I’ve known them for ages. What’s the bottom line? Relationships have helped me grow and I know it gets really hard sometimes to keep up, but there’s no hurt in trying. Be present but don’t force it. Is this the point where I get to tell you whether I’m single or not? Let me leave you to figure that out (that’s if you’re interested.)

Wrap Up

Learning to value myself and abilities as a person is one of the hardest thing I’ve had to do this year. Why? It’s simple. I don’t ever want someone or people to say I’m not worth it or my works are not worth it. So I press myself down so I won’t be put in the situation. It’s sad, yeah? Yeah, it is...but I’m learning slowly. If you ever feel like me, you should take it easy on yourself just as I am doing. You are worth so much more that you might not even know your impact.

So I ask myself “what did the past 365 bring to me?” It’s GROWTH and for that, I’m immensely grateful.

Sia’s Floating through Space captures my 2021 “

24/7 and 365

You made another day, made it alive



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