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Oyemaja Executives Magazine (Anniversary Edition): Destiny Ogedegbe

Published by Oyemaja Executives, a division of The Oyemaja Group.

"The number of hours I spend on a task or the level of pressure under which I operate sometimes would comfortably suffocate at least 50% of my contemporaries."

Destiny Osayi Ogedegbe, also known as Mr Possible, is a legal practitioner and an LLM Candidate at Harvard University, US. In this Anniversary Edition with Oyemaja Executives, Destiny takes us through his growth process as a legal practitioner, highlights key challenges in law practice in Nigeria, and suggests paths and opportunities for development.

Here are excerpts:

The Nigerian legal system has produced excellent lawyers. But it is difficult to attribute the “excellence” to the institution itself, depending on what we define as “excellence” here. Generally, I would say that the existence of very excellent lawyers in Nigeria has less to do with the Nigerian legal system and more to do with the individuals themselves. Partly, this is rightly so, because there is only so much you can learn from the law school; most of what makes a lawyer “excellent” is a function of his legal practice. However, this is not to exempt the poverty of ideas and innovation in the legal system, or even the entire educational system in Nigeria.

In an essay to the University of Oxford, some time ago, I had lamented about how the entire Nigerian educational system is enmeshed in degrading politicisation. Institutions of learning have been compromised by political standards which continue to erode the place of excellence. Intellectual discourse – the abiding foundation of community – has now been supplanted by implacable noise. The Nigerian legal system is not spared from this ugly spate.

Download the magazine to read full interview:

Oyemaja Executives Magazine Destiny Ogedegbe
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