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oyèmájà is Yoruba, not English: Why we added the accents to the design.

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

We have refreshed the entire oyemaja identities - the logos, the type, the colors, everything; and you will be mildly surprised.

Previously, we did not have a unique brand identity in the popular way it is known. We did not really pay attention to having a unique color or a unique typeface or some smooth patterns. We just had a name and we intended to push out as strongly as possible; and it worked. We got the attention. Now the attention is here. We want to give our audience a feeling as though they are launching with us afresh; as if they have been at the very inception with us.

First, black.

The only thing that was put up to vote in the brand design was the color; and everyone opted for black. It's bold, it's beautiful and it resonates with people.

Black, white and everything in between. What prompted the vote is the name itself. It's Yoruba. It's cultural. It's African and its 'deep'. We are global in outlook and focus but we want the world to immediately tie our origins to Africa, both with the name and the look. It's a label we are proud to wear. Annddd, we will have other colors such as orange and blue, but it's always going to be 90% black and 10% anything else.

The accents

We have created two varieties of our brand name. oyemaja and oyèmájà. This is the first time we would be introducing the Yoruba variety and this was done with the aim to further strengthen the ties of our origin to Africa and to create a feeling and strong connection between us and our African audience. In all cases, we have discarded the first uppercase letter "o". So it is just #oyemaja. We adopted the Poppins font because of its unique features. It's soft but it's bold. It's formal but it's endearing and flexible. Currently, we focus on #law through the oyemaja institute of law, #education through the oyemaja foundation, #sports through the oyemaja football academy and #design through encer. We needed a font that was flexible enough to adapt to these spheres and other products that will be launched; and poppins was the right fit.

Going hard!

What you will see from now on is the most elaborate display of black and white.

Merch? Expect it in black and/or white. Business cards? Definitely black. Social media, black, white, grey and few other colors. Font? A touch (sometimes a handful) of poppins predominantly. We are pretty serious about it. So join the black tribe with us. When you see the oyemaja images, flyers, designs around, take a screenshot, a picture, a selfie with it, tag us and drop include the hashtag #oyemaja

The Black Book

We have attached our Logo Refresh Presentation just for you specially. Download, read, tell us what you think (be brutally honest about it) take a screenshot, share, tag us and make some noise. We love you, always.


From oyemaja.

Oyemaja Rebrand Logo Presentation
Download PDF • 1.16MB

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