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Not everything was a hit

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

A summary of year 2021 for The Oyemaja Group.

We need no cctv camera to tell us how much we were in your faces this year. Even if we have no facts to prove that, here’s one; it was a long year of correcting different chants of “yemoja”, “oyemaga” and of course, “onyemaja”. On the bright side, it is only an evidence of how you have beautifully matched the energy all year long.

If you had to grade our performance this year, our report card would probably bear lots of As with sprinkles of “you can do better.”

It was this same phrase that sparked the zeal in us to take on 2021. We were ready to put in work, make the good grades, get the brilliant results. To be honest, the details might bore you but we had endless brainstorming sessions, we developed plan Bs and Cs to shield the plan As and we were like dynamites but we also had bullet proofs. But it seems the bullet proofs were not proof enough. Stay calm as we take you through a journey of what we ordered but what you got.

If you are big fan of what we do, then, the following should sound familiar: The Oyemaja Fellowship, The Oyemaja Opinion Notes, The Oyemaja Law Courses on Udemy. Well, this pretty much sums up our major executions for the year and they were all successful, but this was the original plan; The Oyemaja Fellowship, The Oyemaja Digital Skills Outreach, The Oyemaja Internship Program, The Grey Collection and Oyemaja Fellows-x. Doesn’t seem like it right?

We’re as shocked as you are because nothing prepared us for the blows; just that there were not strong enough to sweep us off balance. If you have popcorn and chocolate, I’d gladly give you all the gist but for the sake of this article and the fact that we need to close for the year, let’s keep them short.

Chapter 1: Hard blows

Everything was set for the Oyemaja Fellowship to kick off. The cash prizes were ready, the documents were in place, our Van Gogh graphics were prepared to take up space. Then, our barely new website crashed unexpectedly. No warning, no signs. We did not panic, the web developer was going to fix it in no time. The pain hit when the web developer disappeared into thin air and we were left with a handicapped website and a project to execute. We eventually brought the fellowship to live with over 100 entries all over Nigeria. We faced it squarely as if we didn’t have to think of how we were going to keep running without a website or what the fate of other projects would be.

Chapter 2: Recovery in the mud

We did not recover from Chapter 1, at least, not so quickly. No website meant no Grey Collection, no website meant no Institute for students to learn, no website meant nothing to do. By the way, we continued making efforts to reach the developer; if maybe he’d repent and show up. None of that happened, we had the showing up to do and phew! We made sure we could connect with you and help you keep learning. Need proof? Visit our Oyemaja Law Instagram page, you can make a textbook out of it.

Chapter 3: How did we get here?

In the midst of the zig-zaggy run we had this year, we found gold mines in those moments you laughed out heartily and hit the like buttons, in the times you shared a post or gave heartwarming reviews, the times you donated to bringing our dreams to life or the times you famzed our van gogh designs. We’re also not sure how we got here but new projects were developed out of nothing, we carried the institute to Udemy and got lots of donations for the digital skills outreach, we found the opinion notes and got back on our feet. The As still stand.


For the times when we the pipers were playing you tunes, in cluelessness and confusion, you still danced so gracefully. Thank you for always being for us and not against us. While we await the new year, get your bricks ready, we have some building to do together.

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