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Taiwo "TeewohFire" Olawehinmi; Oyemaja Fellows-X

By The Oyemaja Foundation, a division of The Oyemaja Group.

The Oyemaja Fellowship is about celebrating innovation and creativity by Nigerian students. We believe that by doing this, students will be encouraged to put in more efforts within the limits of their resources to carry out worthy research.

We are indeed aware of the existence of some factors which may limit a student’s performance such as poor facilitates, inability to pursue a career of one’s choice etc. However, a step at a time, we hope to change this situation, immortalize worthy projects, and create/connect students to opportunities to advance the study of their research.

The Oyemaja Fellows X has the similar goals, however, the focus is on recognizing these talents per faculty.

We interview Taiwo Olawehinmi, who talks about her final year project research at the University of Ibadan.

Taiwo Olawehinmi

I am Taiwo Olawehinmi, a recent graduate of Pharmacy from the University of Ibadan. I'm undergoing my one-year mandatory internship. I currently practice hospital pharmacy, where I am engaged in the delivery of optimal patient-centred care, in collaboration with other members of the healthcare team. I am interested in exploring the intersections between healthcare and entrepreneurship. I am also interested in policymaking and communications. I write, I speak and I coach people to speak articulately and confidently, as an elocution coach.

My project sought to identify the entrepreneurial perceptions of community pharmacists in Oyo state, Nigeria and the impacts on pharmaceutical service delivery. It's titled "Assessment of Entrepreneurial Tendencies of Community Pharmacies in Oyo State: Implications for Pharmacy Practice". It was founded on the basis of the following questions: Is an entrepreneurial mind-set critical to the growth of a community pharmacy? Do entrepreneurial trainings contribute to the growth of the community pharmacist and pharmacy? Is a business model essential for the growth of a community pharmacy? Can pharmacy services be entrepreneurial? Do age and years of experience impact on the entrepreneurial tendency of a community pharmacist?

Community pharmacists, asides being healthcare professionals, are expected to be social entrepreneurs. This understanding will enable them provide healthcare services entrepreneurially, yet with the mindset of social good. This will also enhance the community pharmacy's sustainability and profitability, while contributing to the attainment of universal healthcare coverage.

I chose the project due to my burgeoning interest in entrepreneurship. I have always loved entrepreneurship and I know that I have a knack for it. The project was therefore an opportunity to explore my thoughts on the intersection of healthcare and entrepreneurship.

Download The Oyemaja Fellows-X Manuscript 2021 below to read full interview:

Fellows x compilation
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