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3 Years of Making You Better: Oyemaja at Three

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

It’s been three years of yelling “Making You Better”, “Making You Win”, Making you do this and that; and our sources tell us that you’ve been rolling your eyes every time those quotes flashed on your phone screen.

Well, you are about to roll your eyes once more. It’s our third anniversary at Oyemaja and we’ve MADE YOU BETTER.

That’s right! Roll those eyes and ask ‘how?’ How have these guys made me win? Is there a war I’m a part of, but unaware of?”

We got three. Take a look:

Oyemaja Digital Skills Outreach

It takes a village to raise a child. You are our village and community. With your generous donations, we tested and implemented the true purpose of The Oyemaja Foundation – improving the quality of Nigerian education. New tech has rewritten the rules of success. The pressure on students to aim for 'higher-callings' like doctors, lawyers and accountants has been eased. Andddddd we’re enabling it. By providing them with access to options that would transform their lives and provide them greater professional flexibility, YOU contributed to their success. YOU did this.

Oyemaja Executive Magazines and Articles

How in charge of things do you like to be? The Oyemaja Executives debuted to help you wield your career like a joystick. We launched with a different approach. Rather than learning from Bill Gates or Elon Musk, we want you to learn from those who are almost Bill Gates or Elon Musk.

We understand the disconnect in reality that exists between newbies and already-made men. But there’s magic learning from someone in the process; somebody close; whose track-record can be traced because we watched them get to the top. Funke Williams’s You can be better, Ewa’s A Rule of More, Toyosi Godwin’s Building your Personal Brand and Kunle Adebajo’s World of Journalism are our key publications this year. Their stories have inspired us to be better and to stay focused. (Catch up on them if you missed any.)

We didn't stop there; we continued to publish relevant pieces every month that suit your executive lifestyle. These hacks keep you relevant at work and life.

The Oyemaja Fellowship

Being a Nigerian is not an easy experience. As a student, the default settings is ‘frustrated’. How creative can you be in a university ranked 3796 in the world…and that university is the best in Nigeria? The answer is “Very”. And we have the trick. Throw in the right incentives to be creative and you’d have student-Einsteins in 2 – 3 years. We’ve done this for 3 years with the Oyemaja Fellowship – celebrating and rewarding excellence and creativity in Nigerian Students (You). We sold this idea to sponsors; they bought it and tipped us. Why? They believe in You. The competitions, the publications, they understand what it does to you. They understand what a better ‘you’ can do to a nation.

Missed last year's edition? Download the Oyemaja Fellowship Magazine 2020 here to catch up on everything that happened.

But that's not all.

There's more and more and moreeeeeee. Here's what our timeline for 3 years looks like at a glance

But we know you want more than a glance. You want the whole stew. That's alright. Download it here. We made it all pretty just for you!

Oyemaja Three Years Timeline
Download PDF • 295KB

Done reading that? Can I have your attention back, please? Thank You.

So it's been 3 years of helping you do business right, whether as an entrepreneur, a creative, an employee or student. And, we're not stopping. So this beautiful year, we are dedicating our most impactful project - The Oyemaja Fellowship, to celebrating creatives in Nigeria. Remember it was targeted towards students only, yeah? Well, students can still partake, but they have a tougher competition now; you're against creative businessmen.

And we did a tiny teeny weeny rebranding. We created a new logo for The Oyemaja Fellowship. Don't worry, chill....relax....we didn't entirely butcher the owl. We only made it more original because the previous one was downloaded free from Freepik. We made this cooler too. It looks really pretty. Our in-house design division, Encer, will be releasing a case-study soon. But in the meantime, take a look at this and tell us what ya think!

Pretty, innit?

Now to this year's fellowship. It's a competition as well; and we want to be more in tune with the know....gotta read the room.

Every 4 years, the fate of Nigeria is decided, and 2023 is one of those years. It's election season. The air is thick with tension. Politicians are politicking. Voters are persuading voters. What better theme than politics fits this year's Oyemaja Fellowship? None.

We are calling on creatives to sell their political candidates....creatively....okay let's not divulge the entire thing yet. The winner takes home 100,000 (One Hundred Thousand) Naira, and the runner up receives 50,000 (Fifty Thousand) Naira. The modalities are pretty easy. Follow The Oyemaja Foundation on Instagram to stay in touch. Or you can follow our media division, Oyemaja Feeds, to keep up with our updates. You're gonna love it!!

Now I know what's on your mind - "Where's everything so yellow. What's with the yellow graphics?"

Honestly, we do not really know too. We're hoping our design guys at Encer would explain. They have a way of writing 10 pages to justify just one damn colour. But we love it tho. It's kinda....yellowwy. But hold up, there's one part of this who anniversary campaign that doesn't come in yellow, thank God.

What's not yellow?

The Oyemaja Executives Magazine (The Anniversary Edition)!!!!

Did I hear you say ooouuuuuu!! We're bringing somebody special on the cover page and Encer gave us a break with the yellow thing. Here's glimpse. Can you guess who it is?

Let's go back to yellow. We created some concept posters for our 3 years anniversary at Oyemaja; they illustrate the theme - Making You Better. Here's one for you.

Conceptual? How can you improve a wheelbarrow, and make a wheelbarrow pusher's life easier? You add some Kawasaki headlights. Maybe fit in an engine to make it go vrooooom when you push. You might also attach a side mirror too. Gotta see the wheelbarrows behind you. These are fictional and fun, but you get the point - our articles and publications improve you.

You want these in mobile wallpapers? We got you. Download away!

Done downloading? Let's wrap it up. We couldn't have gotten it all right for 3 years. We are aware of the mistakes we've made and we've exhausted notepads summarizing them all. But there's only so much we can observe while we're busy running around trying to get stuff done. If there's anything we're missing, you know best.

We are therefore appealing to you to tell us. Be blunt, me merciless. How are we screwing things up? How we can improve? We want you to make us better, so we can make you better? Fill the fields below. We can't wait to hear from you.

Yours for three solid years,

The Oyemaja Group.



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