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Oyemaja Executives Magazine: Chinekwu Onyemenam [Entrepreneurship, law]

Updated: Feb 5

Published by Oyemaja Executives, a division of The Oyemaja Group.

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Oyemaja Executives Magazine Chinekwu Onyemenam First Class in Law Business Entrepreneurship Law Leadership
Oyemaja Executives Magazine Chinekwu Onyemenam

"I am the result of a hundred people's efforts"

Meet Chinekwu Onyemenam, an entrepreneur and recent graduate in Law from the University of Ibadan. She hails from a family of high achievers, where her early entrepreneurial spirit began with childhood barter and meal trades with siblings.


Despite academic strikes, Chinekwu ventured into entrepreneurship, driven by a distaste for idleness and financial commitments. Managing two successful businesses - HairSooLush and Naykz Signature - alongside her studies, she not only expanded her horizons but also developed a unique set of skills.


In her third year, facing a drop in grades, Chinekwu encountered a turning point. Through planning, and unwavering determination, she overcame challenges both in academics and business. Chinekwu however acknowledges the invaluable support of her family, church, friends, and even strangers who played pivotal roles in her journey. Looking ahead, Chinekwu envisions herself as a "lawyer in business," merging her academic achievements with entrepreneurial prowess.


To students aspiring to excel in both academics and entrepreneurship, Chinekwu's advice is simple: "Hold onto your faith, work twice as hard, and rest adequately."


Ready to be inspired? Download your copy of Oyemaja Executives' exclusive interview with Chinekwu Onyemenam. Her story is not just a journey; it's an invitation to embrace challenges and carve your path to success.:

Oyemaja Executives Chinekwu Onyemenam
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