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Elon Musk has been saying "School Na Scam," you just weren't listening?

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

But do you have the balls to walk away? Your father did not disgrace his dad and you don't want to disgrace yours. There's no drop-out in your family and you don't want to take the lead. You're in the right place. Let's go.

The motto of many Nigerian students is “school na scam”. Well, you will only see these banters on twitter though. No matter how much of a scam school is in Nigeria, most of us do not have the chest to leave the school because “one road does not enter the market”. Regardless, we can’t determine what will end up working out, so we have to ensure we put in every effort and try out different things. In fact, no matter how boujee you might be, everybody wants some form of financial independence. Whether you want to invest, save, flex, set up a charity organization, or rain some cash on some babes, you are not left out in this money finding business.

“We understand that sometimes, it gets confusing to decide what business to do or what hustle to settle with. That’s why we at Oyemaja want to expose you to some interesting side hustles that can help you boost your finances. Now, let’s show you some roads you can take to enter the market.”

Freelance Writing

If you have never considered writing as a serious or lucrative way to make money, maybe it’s time to show it some respect. If you love to write, you can venture into writing articles for bloggers. There are so many website and business owners out there that need copywriters to write advertising copies and business copies. If you are a creative writer too, you can put your many unpublished work into good use and ghost write books or stories for authors. There are a lot of Nigerian students earning hundreds of thousands from writing. A good way to start is to brush up your writing skills and sign up on freelancing websites. Your professionalism and exceptional skills will be an added advantage.


Teaching others what you know and they don’t know can earn you some good income. In Nigeria and in other climes, many parents need home or private tutors to teach their kids. So, if you are good at Math, English, sciences or any vocational skill, put it out there, you never can tell who would be interested in learning. Some websites even allow you create courses people can take and learn from. So, if you’re up to the task, you can create easy to learn courses and upload them on sites where people can pay to take classes.


Like taking pictures and helping people make memories, you can channel that into making money for yourself. Yes, cameras are expensive but that’s why there’s the opportunity to start small. Get people to support you and invest into your business.

Graphics Designing

I’m sure if you are a fan of the Oyemaja Foundation, then you are also a fan of the beautiful designs we churn out every time. You can venture into graphics designing and make some cool cash out of it. And, it’s not difficult to learn even if you do not have any prior knowledge. You can check out the design books that Encer Publicists have made available to help you learn graphics design.


Don’t break your neck in vain because you are trying to strike pose for pictures, divert that energy into putting some money in your pocket. Learn the basics and figure out how to brand yourself as a model and go for it.

Social Media Management

Because of how fast the world is evolving, many businesses have moved online and keep things running on social media. This means there are businesses constantly in need of people to take charge of their social media pages. It is stress free, compared to many other side hustles. All you need is to channel your creativity.

Make or Sell Products

There are millions of things out there that you can possibly sell but the important thing is choosing the right product to sell. To determine this, you need to examine your immediate environment, what would people need or what services do people need to be rendered? Once you have hacked this, make a thorough business plan and you are good to go.

The list inexhaustible but these are guaranteed high paying ones. If you know any or you happen to be involved in any, do well to reach out to us at the Oyemaja Foundation, we’ll be sure to help other people know about it.

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