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All that happened in Nigeria and around the world in June, 2023; Breaking News.

The most striking and relevant breaking news in Nigeria and the world, weekly. By Oyemaja Feeds, a division of The Oyemaja Group

Oyemaja, All That Happened Around The World
Oyemaja, All That Happened Around The World; Breaking News.

  1. Tupac To Be Honoured With Posthumous Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame (1st June, 2023)(Entertainment)

  2. Sweden declares sex as a sport (4th June, 2023)(Entertainment): Sweden has officially declared sex as a sport in a tournament tagged the European Sex Championship. It is scheduled to commenced on the 8th of June, and run for six weeks. Participants are to engage in sexual activities from 45 minutes to 1 hour daily, depending upon the duration of their matches.

  3. Jamie Foxx paralyzed and blind from brain clot (2nd June, 2023)(Entertainment): Jamie Foxx is reported to be left partially paralyzed and blind after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine demanded before filming a movie.

  4. Canada announces new open work permit for family class and spousal applicants (1st June, 2023)(Politics): Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Canada has announced that people will now have access to faster temporary resident visa (TRV) processing times for spousal applicants; new and dedicated processing tools for spousal TRV applicants; and new open work permit for spousal and family class applicants.

  5. Apple launches Virtual Reality Headset (5th June, 2023)(Tech): Apple, competing with Meta’s Quest has launched its headset named Apple Vision Pro which features Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. This is going for a price of $3499.

  6. Ford recalls 125,000 vehicles (6th June, 2023)(Tech): Ford is recalling over 125,000 automobile vehicles including Escape SUVs, Maverick pickups and Lincoln Corsair luxury SUVs because their engines could leak fluids and catch fire.

  7. Pat Robinson dies at 93 (8th June, 2023)(Religion): Televangelist, founder of Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and one-time Presidential candidate in 1988, Pat Robinson, has died at the age of 93.

  8. Tinubu signs Student Loan Bill into law (12th June, 2023)(Politics): Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has signed the Student Loan Bill, sponsored by Femi Gbajabiamila, into law to allow indigent students access loans at interest-free rates.

  9. Guinness World Record confirms Hilda Baci’s (13th June, 2023)(Entertainment): Guiness World Record has confirmed Hilda Baci’s record (individual) for longest cooking marathon at 93 hours and 11 minutes.

  10. Donald Trump arrested (13th June, 2023)(Politics): Former President of the United States, Donald Trump, has been arrested in Miami, US on 37 charges of mishandling classified documents. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

  11. CBN floats naira as banks offer dollar at 755 Naira (14th June, 2023)(Business): The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has directed Banks to remove the rate cap on the naira at the Investors and Exporters’ (I&E) Window of the foreign exchange market. This is to allow for a free float of the national currency against the dollar and other global currencies. The USD is now trading at 755 Naira.

  12. Grammy to add Best African Music Performance (14th June, 2023)(Entertainment): In acknowledgement of the popularity of Afrobeats around the globe, next year’s Grammy Awards will include a category for Best African Music Performance.

  13. Dangote displaced as Africa’s riches man (19th June, 2023)(Business): South African Johann Rupert, with a net worth of $12 billion has surpassed Nigerian billionaire Aliko Dangote with $10.8 billion as Africa’s richest man

  14. Andrew Tate and brother indicted on rape, human trafficking charges in Romania (20th June, 2023)(Entertainment).

  15. 5 aboard Titanic tourist sub dead after implosion (22nd June, 2023)(Entertainment): All five passengers aboard a submersible craft which disappeared on a dive to view the Titanic ship which was wrecked underwater over 100 years ago, are now presumed dead after underwater robots discovered seafloor debris from the sub that was “consistent with a catastrophic implosion.”

  16. Afrobeats star, Damini Ogulu, popularly known as Burna Boy, wins Best International Act At the 2023 edition of Black Entertainment (BET) Awards (26th June, 2023)(Entertainment).

  17. Wagner Group leads a rebellion in Russia against Putin’s invasion of Ukraine (26th June, 2023)(Politics, War): Yevgeny Prigozhin, boss of Wagner Group, a Russian military mercenary group, released a video where he rejected Vladimir Putin's main justification for invading Ukraine and staged a rebellion in Russia in what has been termed an “armed uprising.” Yevgeny, having marched most of the way to Moscow, has however called off the advance and ordered his mercenaries to turn back to "avoid bloodshed".

  18. Supreme Court of the United States guts affirmative action in college admissions (30th June 2023)(Politics, Education): The SCOTUS justices, by a majority, has ruled that colleges and universities in the US can no longer consider race as an express factor in admissions. This landmark decision has overturned the long standing precedent that has majorly benefited Black and Latino college and university students.

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