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Logo Design for Arden Society

By Encer, a division of Oyemaja

Arden Society is an organization/club for likeminded upper-class individuals comprising of politicians, scientists, artists, influencers, etc. Originally established in England, its membership is open to elites all over the world. The goal is primarily to use the strength of their resources, reputation and influence to solve pressing issues in the society such as world hunger, terrorism, diseases, access to clean water, etc.

The membership of Arden Society is by invitation and not by application.

The logo for Arden is a pyramid to signify influence and power. This pyramid is shredded into uneven slits to represent individuals from various spheres wielding varying degrees of influence and resources. Each are linked together to show community and foundational unison of strength. The slits are scattered at the end to show the capacity of Arden Society to spread and multiply its impact across territories of the world.

SK-Modernist font, a typeface with soft features, was adopted to ease the complexity of the Arden Logo Mark and yet give it an easily recognizable feel. Some modifications were done to the letters so that they are not easily replicable anywhere else. The goal is to ensure that the logo mark is not taken separately and the texts written by anyone downloading the same font online. This will preserve certain features such as ensuring that the 'a' and 's' in Arden Society remain in lowercase forms as far as the logo identity is concerned. To establish this, for instance, the 'n' in Arden and the 't' in society are co-joined.

Download the logo presentation in PDF below to view the full concept

Arden Logo Presentation
Download PDF • 1.09MB

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